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spa Towel washing at superwashcoin laundry north york ontario

✔Sports Teams Uniforms


✔ Medical & Dental covers, blankets, towels and more...


✔ Hotels towels, bedding, napkins, tablecloths, etc..


✔ Spa towels, covers, pillowcases and more

✔ Fitness Centers towels, uniforms etc...

✔ Restaurants cleaning cloths, tablecloths, and all in between.

✔ Residential Duvets, Towels, laundry, dry-cleaning we do it all.

We Clean > We Fold, you Relax!!

Scheduled a Business Delivery and/or Pick-Up, 20lb minimum; Dirty Aprons, Tablecloths, Uniforms, B&B Bed Sheets, Spa Towels, Curtains, duvets, dry-cleaning, laundry, special-fabric-garments, team uniforms,  let us help you get on with your busy schedule, Dirt on fabric we clean it all.


Not a Business?, We also have Residential Services ,

We Clean  We Fold, you Relax!! 

Check out our weekly specials.... Just in case you wanna drop-by.

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