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Folding Shirts at superwashcoin laundry north york ontario


Welcome to Super Wash Coin Laundry! 

Our facility is always clean, safe and secure. Our top-of-the-line washing and drying front load machines are efficient and well maintained  they can handle 20 to 50 pound, the 30 pound dryers offer a all-round-balance and fast  tumble.

Got Time?,Do your Laundry yourself and take advantage of our weekly specials.


Busy Living?, Super Wash Coin Laundry caters to your needs, is reliable and convenient.

We offer Wash'N'Fold services,  Pick-Up, Delivery and Dry cleaning services from $1.35 per pound!.

Sing up for a personal or commercial accounts, we cater to all, in a Clean, Respectful and safe manner!!

laundrymat superwashcoin laundry north york ontario

Enjoy a relaxing safe,clean atmosphere, while your laundry washes!!

 Need a little away from home time?,  or a  bigger washer or dryer for items too big to fit into your own machine?, Water bill too high?, We are here for your ALL laundry needs.

A couple hours a day allows you to conveniently finish your laundry. We also offer WashNGo no folding included. If you need time to doing your errands we offer WashNFold, BookAService we do it All, you pick-up. 

Super Wash Coin Laundry is your number one Laundry source in North York!


laundry delivery and pick-up superwashcoin laundry north york ontario

Scheduled a Business Delivery and/or Pick-Up, 20lb minimum; Dirty Aprons, Tablecloths, Uniforms, B&B Bed Sheets, Spa Towels and more!


Not a Business?, We also have Residential Services , let us help you get on with your day, Book a service, Curtains, duvets, dry-cleaning, laundry, special-fabric-garments, team uniforms, Dirt on fabric we clean it all.


Come in Start your preferred washer, !!

 Short on time?

Come in , start your washer, Let us know and we'll put it in the dryer for you, No folding.

We will conveniently finish your laundry,  while you are running your errands. 

If you timed it right you will be back in time for folding!!!

Folding Clothes at superwashcoin laundry north york ontario

We Wash> We Dry> We Fold> You Pick-Up

Skip the hustle with our WashNFold service. Pick up & delivery available

as well.  Minimum order 20 lb. Your precious garments are in the capable

and experienced hands of our wonderful staff, our attention to details is unsurpassed.  Bring in your laundry, sheets, jackets, blanket  and  more,

we'll wash, dry, fold and get it ready for You.


  • Choose a high-end service at competitive rates.

  • We sort by color, pay attention to detail & check for foreign objects.

  • We use top-quality detergent/soap and softener.

  • Items you want folded will be neatly bundled and packed.

  • We happily accommodate large items such as duvets and cover​.


Skip the tangle with our WashNFold service. Pick up & delivery available.  Minimum order 20 lb.

one day |

Urgent Service

$1.35 per lb

$1.50 per lb


Shirts/Golf shirts |

2pcSuit (Jacket & Pants) |

3pcSuit (Blazer,Pants,& Vest) |

Pants/ Jeans |

Shorts /Scarft |

Tablecloths  |   

Dress |  From    

Swetter |               

Spring coat   |   From

Winter Coat  |  From












PICK-UP &/or

Skip laundry day, Pick-Up and Delivery for all Wash And Fold with one quick call. Minimum 20 Lb. With- in 15 km Radius.


Free Pick up & delivery available as well. for all Commercial accounts  Minimum order 20 Lb, with-in 15 km Radius.

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